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alessandro biffignandi.

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I hate my family

its-a-jungle-out-there-darling: I'm so sorry babe :(

It’s fine I guess, i’ll just try and find a way to get to the city next year and try to meet them



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✞where do bad folks go when they die?✞

So tickets for my favourite band went on pre sale today so AA and BB were like $82 and i spent all my money on food and clothes and my parents dont understand how happy that band makes me and that I was four months clean because of that band! They think i’m not even going to like them next year and that i’ll just move on to some other band and thats complete bullshit cos 5 Seconds of Summer was the best thing that ever happened in my miserable fucking life.

Thanks satan


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✄Wowza I suck✄
✄Wowza I suck✄